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SIM1 XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinter & Amp Module

In the era of digital amp systems, flattened by “plastic sounds” we consider the guitar as the main tool to get the tone and sound you are looking for. There’s no need to do many adjustments, just select the Target Guitar & Pickup you wish, add some effects, and make your sound great!

Firmware 3.40: On-Board Options

– 3 Amp Models based on JCM800, AC30, TWIN REVERB’68
– 99 Banks, 30 Presets + 69 Empty
– Overdrive, based on iconic TS9
– Natural Reverb, by SIM1
– Tone Control
– IR Cabinets (Impulse Response Cabinet Emulation – including 5 IR by Choptones, 3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor, up to 4096 length)