Bushmills X Lowden Black Bush Edition

Bushmills X Lowden Black Bush Edition

Daniel Odle

Hello everyone! This is just in, Heartbreaker guitars has THREE Bushmills X Lowden Black Bush Edition guitars on the way! These guitars are a real treasure to celebrate the rich cultural history that these two Northern Irish Companies represent. The craftsmanship on display from Lowden is truly spectacular, and it is creatively powered by the wonderful influence of Bushmills!

Lowden and Bushmills have a long working relationship, having done the Bushmills Signature about a year ago, and working as two of Northern Ireland's more famous exporters. Both companies have long histories, with Bushmills going back for hundreds of years. Both have a reputation for excellence that is legendary in their respective fields. 

The Bushmills X Lowden Black Bush Edition is inspired by the Black Bush line of Bushmills whiskey received double gold medals at the 2007 and 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. We here at Heartbreaker Guitars are particular fans of Black Bush Whiskey! 

As for the guitars themselves, they are text book example of legendary Lowden craftsmanship. The Lowden Shop just keeps proving over and over that they just get it. They get how to make the best acoustic guitars in the world, and are some of the finest luthiers you will ever see.  

The guitars features copper and wood from old Bushmill whiskey barrels. This is combined with a world-class tonewood combination of African Blackwood and Apline Spruce.  

Heartbreaker Guitars will be receiving three of these guitars and it will be available through us, the #1 Dealer of Custom Lowden dealer, in the F and O Bdoy styles. These are amazing guitars and you are sure to Fall in Love! 


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