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July 01, 2016 1 min read

Folks Heartbreaker Guitars is the #1 Lowden Guitar Dealer in the world!  We have been a Lowden Dealer for more than 5 years and we currently have a larger inventory than any other dealer! Lowden Guitars are some of the finest guitars on the planet and George Lowden is a legend in the guitar building business.   Currently we have the following models in stock:  Lowden F50, Lowden F35, Lowden S50, Lowden S35M, Lowden S32J, Lowden O22, Lowden Fan Frets in 3 sizes and many others.  Heartbreaker Guitars gets first crack at all the specialized woods George gets his hands on, including Brazilian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood, Mountain Rosewood, Cocobolo, Indian Rosewood, and others.  Check out our Lowden Guitar Inventory now!  Being the #1 Lowden Guitar Dealer we also do plenty of "one off" guitars with the guys in Northern Ireland, including guitars that have never been built before, like the Guatamaulen Rosewood Wee Lowden and the Custom "Uber" Lowden made with Brazilian Rosewood.  We also offer video clips of all of our guitars so you can get an idea of what they sound like.  Please call Heartbreaker Guitars with any questions about Lowden Guitars.  And if you want a custom guitar built, it's no problem!  We do more custom order Lowden Guitars than anybody!  We are your "go to" Lowden Guitar Dealer!

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