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Relish Swiss Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

by Daniel Odle July 07, 2019 2 min read

Relish Swiss Guitars are available right now at Heartbreaker Guitars!  Heartbreaker Guitars is the top USA Dealer for these amazing instruments!  Hand made in Lucerne, Switzerland  Relish Swiss Guitars are the Rolex Watches of Electric Guitars.  Built on a very unique sandwich style construction, these instruments are designed for sustain and resonance.  Proprietors Silvan and Pirmin are dedicated to the absolute best quality instruments made with highest quality of materials.  Working in tandem for over 10 years, Silvan and Pirmin have now gotten these guitars in the hands of some of the most prominant professionals, sudio aces, and enthusiasts alike who all have one thing in common:  They love Relish!  The line up is vast including the Mary, the Jane, the Aluminum Mary and the Aluminum Jane.  The Jane is a hollow bodied construction with an aluminum core creating a sonic tapestry of bright, crisp and resonant tone.  The Mary is a little darker, heavier, and beefier tone which has more of a "woody" feel to it.  The Relish Brothers are very mindful of sustainability and source their wood only from responsible Harvesters.  No clear cutting woods!    You can view the Heartbreaker Guitars inventory of Relish Swiss Guitars Here.  One of our favorite guitars is the brand new Aluminum Mary.  This is the brand new Relish Guitar that  utilizes an Aluminum core sandwiched in-between to wood panels separated by rubber "rings" allowing the guitar to sustain from 3 different sources creating an blend of amazing tone!  This guitar is also equipped with a Piezo pick up in the bridge.  Blend in your favorite acoustic tones with this killer option.  Play straight through the Piezo pick up and you've got acoustic sounds like you have never heard before.  Articulate, clean, crisp, clear acoustic sounds that you simply do not expect out of an electric instrument.  The Jane is the Flagship.  This guitar is simply a sight to behold.  Not only is it the most unique guitar you've ever seen, but it's also such a pleasure to play.  With it's sleek design it is contoured to your body for a super comfortable playing experience.  Here is one of our current favorites.  This Jane Here has an incredible "Etched" Blue finish on it.

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