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Taylor Guitar - Taylor Tuesday - Taylor 414ce-R

by Daniel Odle July 07, 2019 2 min read

Taylor 414ce-RTaylor 414ce-R Rosewood

Hello friends and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! We are really excited about today's model, as it is not only a classic Taylor guitar model, but also one that packs a whole lot of value into a incredibly friendly price tag. The Taylor 414ce-R has all the Taylor quality and precision you have come to expect from this legendary brand. It also offers an incredible level of versatility, and clocking in at under $2,200, this guitar epitomizes the musician's workhorse instrument.

This guitar features Indian Rosewood back and sides with a nice Sitka Spruce top. This creates a nice, unimposing, balanced tone that fits effortlessly into any style. Not only that, but the body of the guitar features Taylor's Performance bracing pattern, which helps to further balance the overall tone. As far as the aesthetics of this model, the Indian Rosewood is really eye-catching, and the white lines of the trim pieces really add a classy, subtle touch that helps to accentuate the elegant simplicity of this guitar's appearance. This guitar is equipped with Taylor's Expression 2 system, with the behind the saddle pickup to help pick up even the subtlest of dynamics this guitar offers. The neck is made with comfortably smooth Tropical Mahogany, capped with a glossy ebony fingerboard. That combined with the Venetian cutaway makes this an distinctly comfortable guitar to play.   Overall, this instrument is a real workhorse, and something any working musician could be proud of and find useful. We recommend it to anyone who want's a well balanced guitar that can play anything and sounds great!    

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To buy your Taylor 414ce-R, click the link here! To browse our entire selection of Taylor Guitars, click here! https://youtu.be/5vIH4wGUyJc

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