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Rick Turner Model 1 Giveaway! - The Results!

by Daniel Odle March 01, 2015 2 min read

The Contest

As many of you know, several months ago Heartbreaker Guitars had a pretty big announcement. We were going to give away a Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham. Just like that. A $6,000 guitar. We wanted to give it away. People thought we were crazy. They said, "Who would just give away a $6,000 guitar?" Well, we would. Here at Heartbreaker we stand by our motto as our mission statement. We want to help all of our customers Fall in Love with a guitar. So we decided to do a Rick Turner Model 1 Giveaway to help one lucky person Fall in Love!

So we set up a raffle style competition were anyone could enter and could get extra points for sharing activities on our social media accounts. The response has truly blown us away. We had over 13,000 entries, and it was a truly fun and amazing experience for us.

The Results

We set the date for the drawing as August 1st, 2017. We were so overwhelmed by the response that we felt we had to give away some runner up prizes, ranging from a humidifiers to two other guitars. A Taylor GS Mini Mahogany and a Danelectro. That is right, we ended up giving away three guitars. Think we are crazy yet? For the smaller prizes we used several trivia questions about our business, Rick Turner, and the Model 1. We gave away our other guitars to the runners up in the raffle. The winners of the Taylor GS Mini and the Danelectro were Roy D, and Matt R respectively. That left us with our big winner. The winner of the Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham was... *drumroll* Andy Murdock! He is our lucky winner and he is now the proud owner of a brand new Rick Turner Guitar! (pictured below) 

Special Thanks!

We would like to give a couple big shoutouts and thank you's. First, thank you so much to everyone who signed up for the competition. We can't thank you guys and gals enough for the support and the amazing enthusiasm and  that was shown. Secondly, we would like to thank the fine people over at Rick Turner Guitars and Rick himself. They helped us a lot to make this happen.

The Drawing

So that's the news on our Rick Turner Model 1 Giveaway! If you would like to watch the full announcement video, check it out below! https://youtu.be/mMZRgL0DneM

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