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July 07, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Taylor K28ce

Hey everyone and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! Taylor really has a knack for maximizing the potential of this wood, which brings us to today's guitar that we are highlighting... The Taylor K28ce! Taylor makes a wide variety of great guitars with a wide variety of tone woods. And while we love all of our Taylor guitars, we really love their Koa wood guitars! The Taylor K28ce is really a fingerpicking player's delight! The the low overtones roll in softly, and the high end has a great sparkle that dances elegantly with the bass notes. The Grand Auditorium style body really provides a powerful voice to this guitar with a unique and amazing tonal personality.

This guitar really is drop dead gorgeous. The grain of the Koa wood is a breathtaking. You can easily get lost in it. Nobody will be able to look at this guitar and not give positive feed back. It's not just going to be the best looking guitar on stage though. The voice of this guitar will stand out in a mix as unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

The Heartbreaker Take

This guitar is the textbook definition of a Heartbreaker. It is one that the people who love it REALLY Fall in Love with it. You can't just pick it up once. You will always think back to it as the "One That Got Away". This guitar isn't just a workhorse instrument. It is one that you will hold on to for the rest of your life!

Find Yours Today!

To find your K28ce, visit our posting here! To browse our entire selection of Taylor guitars, click here. https://youtu.be/6Van8-R6Gig

1 Response

Anthony Parisi
Anthony Parisi

November 14, 2022

I’ve been looking all over for a Taylor K28ce Grand Orchestra Body.
Can you get or order 1 or 2 of these guitars?
Really hoping you can and have a great day!

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