Taylor Tuesday - Heartbreaker Taylor's on YouTube

Taylor Tuesday - Heartbreaker Taylor's on YouTube

Daniel Odle

Hello friends and welcome back to our Heartbreaker Guitars Taylor Tuesday Blog Series, where we cover all things Taylor Guitars, including how Heartbreaker Guitars is a top Taylor Guitars Dealer, with some amazing Taylor Guitars for sale. We like to help you get as much information as possible about these amazing instruments. We do this through posting pictures and articles through our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and we also post demo videos on our YouTube Channel. We have a designated playlist for our Taylor's on Youtube, which you can access here! But today, we want to focus on a few of our videos in particular to give you an idea on the content currently available for Taylor Guitars on the Heartbreaker Guitars YouTube Channel!

The K28ce Koa

The Taylor K28ce is a beautiful Taylor Koa model that not only has a beautiful tone, but distinct aesthetic features that our tough to beat, like the gorgeous inlays on the fret board and headstock, to go with the breathtaking grain of the wood itself. Pick yours up today by clicking here!

The 514ce


The Taylor 514ce is a classic Taylor Model, and one of their most popular. This guitar has a famously dimensional tone that can tackle any genre and take it in stride, and as you can hear from the video, that reputation is earned. It is another amazing Taylor Guitar, and you can pick it up from us here at Heartbreaker by clicking the link here!

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