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July 07, 2019 2 min read

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Taylor Tuesday blog post from Heartbreaker Guitars, the best place to buy Taylor Guitars! As a top Taylor Dealer, we are used to a whole lot of questions about these guitars. People want to know about the quality control, the innovation, the variety, and one question we have been getting a lot recently is whether the lower price-point Taylor's hold up to the legendary standards of quality and tone that we have come to expect from Taylor Guitars. The answer is a resounding yes.

As many longtime members of the Heartbreaker community will know, Heartbreaker doesn't sell any guitar we don't firmly believe is a top-notch instrument. They might also have noticed that we have recently started carrying 100 series, 200 series, Academy, and Baby Taylor models. We would never sell something we thought was a "cheap" or low quality instrument. These guitars are no exception.

The 100 series that we carry (currently a 114ceand a 114e) are amazing, simplified versions of Taylor's higher price-point instruments, packing much of the tonal punch, but without the bells and whistles or a hefty price tag. They are perfect for a professional level player looking for a workhorse guitar that will sound great, play nice, and not break the bank.


The 200 series (we currently have a 214ce DLX and a 214ce Koa-Sitka) is a slight step up from the 100 series, offering a wider variety of tonewoods, and a few more options. 

Taylor 214ce Koa/Sitka - Taylor Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

The Academy series is the ideal beginner guitar to start a six-string-journey off right with a quality instrument. Still, even the most experienced  players can definitely enjoy these comfortable, easy to play instruments that make for a wonderful songwriter, as you can explore and experiment for hours without it becoming uncomfortable. 


Browse our entire selection of Taylor Guitars by clicking the link here!  

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