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July 07, 2019 1 min read

The Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham Give Away at Heartbreaker Guitars  

Thats right folks, you heard it right! It's FREE.

We at Heartbreaker Guitars  are giving away a new Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham this Summer to one lucky person.  Heartbreaker Guitars has been the #1 Dealer of Rick Turner Guitars 5 years running so we teamed up with Mr. Turner himself to build a special Model 1 to be given away as a way to saying thank you for all your support!  The first Rick Turner Model 1 was built in 1979 for one Lindsey Buckingham.  Lindsey was frustrated with Les Pauls and Strats so he asked Rick To come up with a guitar that had the best of both worlds:  The clarity of a Strat and the warmth of a Les Paul.  Then, add an acoustic element to it, but that could rock as hard as any guitar.  The result:  A Masterpiece!  Not only a tonal phenomenon but also an artistic creation unlike any other you've ever seen.  Rick has been building and restoring guitars for 55 years and is a legend in the business.  His client list includes rock stars, touring musicians, recording engineers, couch players and just plain tone junkies!  The retail price on this guitar:  $6,350.00 [gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="2582,2145,7600,7601,7602"]

How To Sign up?

The Rick Turner Mode 1 Llindsey Buckingham GiveAway

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